June Release Highlights

By Chris Lee on June, 19 2019
Chris Lee

Chris is a co-founder at Carv and resident blogger. Chris also leads new partnerships, market development, and sales.

Enhancing the Global Viewport

How does your agency decide when it can start a new project?  

June's release enhances the ability to model proposed projects to work within the constraints of existing commitments. The global viewport is designed to show a resource manager how a project's assignments interact with assignments for other projects and optimize the overall schedule. 

For example:

Identify Optimal Start Dates

You can use the project schedule viewport to find the best time to start a newly proposed project by looking for slow periods in the overall schedule. Slow periods are represented by space under the horizontal yellow 100% utilization line.  The viewport gives agencies the tools they need to schedule project start dates that work for both your agency and the customer.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 4.40.56 PM


Allocate the Right People to the Project

The viewport allows you to optimize project assignments based on an employee's availability. When work is assigned, the global viewport shows the assignee's workload relative to their capacity (horizontal yellow line).  This feature gives resource managers unprecedented control over a resource's workload and the ability to schedule projects so the right people can be involved. 


Global Viewport


Other Notable Updates:


New Utilization Rate Tool Tip:

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 5.29.26 PM

The utilization tooltip now forecasts weekly utilization rates per role and for the organization. Carv's algorithm weights pipeline projects to calculate utilization rates based on expected close rates.

Capacity Lines

In response to user feedback, we added two reference points for utilization, 50%, and 100%. The above screenshot shows the new reference lines. 


Google AUTH

Carv now has an integration with Google for account creation and login. The integration with Google Auth improves security and makes it even easier to start using Carv.

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