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Sneak-Peek: Upcoming UI/UX

By Chris Lee on November, 27 2018
Chris Lee

Chris is a co-founder at Carv and resident blogger. Chris also leads new partnerships, market development, and sales.


Our initial cohort of users has delivered a constant drip of feedback over the past two months. We've been adding features and tweaking the design, but are now ready to reveal the big item we've been working on.

All of the ideas from companies participating thus far have had a common theme. Agencies need the means to manage their project pipelines more strategically because it is the root of their resourcing problems. Once an agency reaches more than ~12 staff, the original owner begins to realize their company’s successes and failures start with their project pipeline.


At ~12 staff, owners must answer questions like:

  • What type of resources will a project require?

  • When should it kick-off?

  • How quickly should we execute?

  • Should we hire to increase bandwidth?

  • How can I optimize for profit margins and resource capacity?

Carv’s new control panel allows owners, resource managers, and account managers to answer these questions and communicate more efficiently. It helps eliminate hacked spreadsheets by connecting project sales to implementation teams.

Connecting sales and implementation allows services companies to add additional levers to negotiating contracts (start date, timing, duration) and a strategy layer to managing their project pipeline. Carv v1.6 is a services business's cockpit. It has the gauges you need to make informed decisions and the controls you need to change course.


Check out our upcoming control panel:

The control panel unlocks the ability to:

  • Shift project start/end dates that haven’t started

  • See opportunities for filler projects

  • Inform hiring decisions

  • Update models in response to staffing changes

  • Compare projects across clients and teams

  • Optimize proposals for your company’s needs

  • Re-prioritize project work

  • Compare project forecast/estimations to actual results

  • And beta users identify more every day

The control panel unlocks the data in your project pipeline so you can easily take action and understand the results. It allows you to make strategic decisions about managing your pipeline, selling projects and managing resources. Let Carv do the math and simplify resourcing while you focus on growing your business.



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